Learn ASTROOVAASTU from Very Basic to Full Professional Level

Astro & Vastu

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18 Session
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KP Red AstrooVaastu

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14 Session
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Special AstrooVaastu

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3 Session
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Flagship AstrooVaastu

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9 Session
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About Us

Paresh Goshar
Founder & CEO

Our Story

Paresh Goshar-

Journey in to Energy Science Which Started in 1996-From the year 1999- Started

To learn Fengshui and in seven years completed studies in many fields of Chinese Metaphysics.  

In Mean time started to learn Hindu Metaphysics like Vaastu- and Astrology from Year 2004 –K.P Astrology and Traditional Vaastu.

In 2010 Learned AstrooVaastu- the first ever course was launched in Mumbai. (which later went after few years in 2014 to other parts of India.

And also in the year 2004

I had the opportunity to know and learn  about Lecher Antenna( an Instrument to Measure or Check Energy, Radiations, etc) – and there the journey to the mystic world started-

Later went to European and Asian Countries to learn more about Radiations, Energy Sciences, hidden Knowledge.

So I traveled to Switzerland, Malaysia, China to study many other subjects that of European, Chinese and Egyptian Metaphysics-

And as of today I am one of the only Indian who has been by the grace of Universe been able to acquire knowledge of all the 4 major occult sciences –that are practiced all over the world- that are Hindu- Chinese-Egyptian and Europian Metaphysics- and I bow to the Universe and my Guru’s, Teacher’s , and my Parent’s for all this. 

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